He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.
- Isaiah 40:29-31

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We're In

Back to Hotel Hopkins. Yesterday was long. Joshua had a clinic appointment for a count check yesterday around 10. His ANC was a big whopping 0 which was expected. He did need "platelips" as Noah would say, so he received a transfusion of those. Meanwhile, I noticed that Joshua was feeling a little warm. He wasn't feverish but I knew that was were we were headed at some point. So, after we finish and make the drive back to the eastern shore, Joshua's temp starts to rise. I had talked to the doctor about his last chest x-ray and it saying he had "resolving viral pneumonia." We decided that since he still sounded yucky we should start an antibiotic. While I go to the pharmacy to get that filled, his temp continues to hover around that magic number. So, for the next hour or two, I just watch his temp closely. Then around 7 pm, his temp hit 101.7 and away we went.

After spending all night in the ER, we finally got a room around 10:30 this morning. Joshua's temp has been fluctuating but is down right now. They are giving him two antibiotics and we are awaiting results from his most recent chest x-ray. (how many of these before they are bad?) So back to Hotel Hopkins to enjoy the fine cuisine and amenities. You can sense the sarcasm there right? My guess is that we'll be here until at least Saturday. We have to wait until his ANC is at least 250and he is fever free for 24 hours. It really stinks but we're where he needs to be right now. This is all part of the treatment and with his counts dropping at least we know that the chemo is working.

Now, on to more of a fun topic. The golf tournament for Joshua is coming along nicely. Thank you so much to John for organizing this and thank you to everyone who is involved in some way or another. They are going to have a silent auction included and John has started the bidding on some faboulous items. Here is an e-mail that John sent to me. These are the items up for bid right now:

1) A professionally guided Eastern Shore Goose Hunt for 4.
Donated by R&R Guide Service. Thank you Pat Reber...one the best and hardest working guides on the Eastern Shore.
You will be taken to a pristine hunting location...all you have to do is actually hit your target :) Your license and required stamps are you responsibility.
The value for this trip is $500.
Minimum bid will be $175...increasing in $20 increments

2) Washington Capitals- An autographed hockey stick from the NHL's best player Alex Ovechkin.
This stick is game used!!!
Minimum bid is $100...increasing in $20 increments
Present bid is $120 CHF
Thank you Joey for all the Capitals items

3) Washington Capitals Autographed hockey pucks by -
#19 Nicklas Backstrom.... Present bid is $50 CHF
#19 Nicklas Backstrom....Present bid is $50 CHF
#52 Mike Green(This puck is still pending)....Present bid is $50 CHF
Coach Bruce Bourdeau....Present bid is $50 CHF
28 Alexander Semin....Present bid is $50 CHF
The Great Olaf Kolzig(Ollie the goalie)....Present bid is $50 CHF
Each puck will come in a trophy case.
Minimum bid will be $40...increasing in $10 increments
*** There is the possibility we wil have an Ovechkin puck very soon***

4) Two Club Level Seats with parking pass to a divisional Redskins Game or other game of your choice outside the division.
Schedule is not out at this point.
The value of this is $560.00.
Minimum bid will be $200...increasing in $20 increments

5) Two tickets for a Ravens Game( game TBD ).
Minimum bid will be $150...increasing in $20 increments.

6) Two night stay in a 2br condo at the one and only Barefoot Resort and Golf in North Myrtle Beach, SC
There are no restrictions...based upon availabilty.
Thank you to the one and only Barbie from Beach Vacations.
Minimum bis is $100...increasing in $20 increments
Present bid is $120

7) 4 Tickets to A non-conference Maryland Men's basketball game w/parking pass.
The value for this is $100.00
Minimum bid is $50....increasing in $10 increments.

Other items may be added periodically.

Please send all bids to me via email(johnmaddy@atlanticbb.net) or Facebook. I will update where the bids stand everyday on my Facebook and MySpace sites and
via email for those who request to be updated. Please call with any questions- 240-286-2174
I will also email those who have bid on items to let them know if things have changed.
I will cutoff online bidding one week before the tournament at which point I will ask the highest bidder for their cut off point or
a phone number they can be reached the day of the golf outing.
The items will be offered at the golf tournament