He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.
- Isaiah 40:29-31

Monday, August 16, 2010

What will you celebrate?

That's the Disney theme these days. When they asked me if we were celebrating as I was scheduling our Disney trip, I told them we were celebrating Joshua's end of chemo. But really that isn't the whole truth. The truth is, we're celebrating life. We're celebrating the fact that we've made it through this ordeal. We're celebrating the fact that every illness, dose of chemo, surgery, didn't turn into something worse. We're celebrating a little boy who at 5 years old, is just starting to find out that there are so many more simple pleasures in life. We're just celebrating.

So today, as Joshua receives his last dose of chemo, I want you to go out and celebrate. Even if you don't know us very well or if you haven't seen us in a while. I want you to celebrate with us. Go out to dinner, put on the radio and dance, run around with the kids outside, whatever it be, just celebrate the beautiful day that God has granted us.

I have to admit, I wanted to have a video ready for today. One that had Joshua's journey from 10 months old and diagnosis, to today but with our busy summer and our celebration Disney trip I haven't had a chance to put it together. So here's a picture of our guy. As you can see - Cancer Fears Him!